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 Model LEDTECH 3000W Wall Mounted Examination Light

01.Complete round light dome made of moulding plastic for best shadowless efficiency and less weight for movement. 

02.Multi-facet reflector technology, assure low power consumption, uniform lighting effect on the surface and depth. 

03. The lamp dome body is waterproof and dustproof up to the international IP54 standard (providing domestic and international authoritative third party test report). 

04. Pure cold white LED from international famous brand,protect the eyes of doctors and patients. 

05.Paticular Optics Array:7 groups patented refelecting technology with multiple-facet refelector, using Germany made LED bulb,offers excellent focusing, illumination and shadowless efficiency. 

06.Optimal Cold and Natural Lighting

Advanced CRI, color temperature and temperature controling,meet the high standard examination request,assure the most comfortable using and feeling for operator and patient both.

07.Optimized Illumination Controling Provides Power ON/OFF,dimming adjustable from 10%-100% by 9 levels to satisfy different using 

08. The lifetime of the LED light source is over 50,000 hours. At the same time, each LED component can be replaced independently, which is economically and environmentally friendly. 


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